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We are so pleased to announce Totally Wonderfuel will be coming back, they were a huge hit with our runners and supporters last year, plus we love them!!!!! Here's what they will be serving:

Drinks wise.....

  • Real barista coffee - look out for the TrueStart Coffee / Wonderfuel takeover during the weekend!!!
  • If it's hot you can have it iced, if it’s cold we even serve Chilli Latte (who knew) and our own homemade Chilli Hot Chocolate.
  • If you’re from London (or Clifton) we’ll be serving Turmeric Lattes (hot or Iced); if you’re not we’ll offer a full explanation.
  • If you’re Italian, (and dairy-free), try our vegan 'Nice’ cream Affogato.
  • Oh, and we offer the full range of Dorset Teas too.

Food and Cheeky treats.....

  • We have Superfood Smoothies and ‘Half Pint’ smoothies "for da kids"
  • Vegan Popsicles
  • We might even nave ‘Nice’ cream ‘wiches.
  • If you’re rungry, we’ll have our signature range of all natural energy balls, healthy muffins, granola bars, cookies and other delicious, nutritious bakes.
  • We also serve a range of ‘All Day Breakfasts’- Home-made granola pots and ‘performance’ overnight oats- just don’t ask us for a bacon sandwich, "that's The Butchers Block thing".

ABOUT Totally wonderfuel


Totally Wonderfuel is on a mission to help athletes of all ages and abilities to reach for the stars by providing honest, healthy, natural, nutritious and delicious food that's simply out of this world. Our aim is to make wholesome nutrition - from every day to race day - one less thing to worry about


If you want to get in contact with Mel from Totally Wonderfuel drop her an email at

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