How is my investment broken down?

Sponsoring a Project in a County

  • £500 will be added to your chosen county grant pot to be pledged towards a project within your county.
  • £500 will go to support the development of tools The 401 Foundation needs to build in order to secure a sustainable future and fund more projects in your county.

Can I only sponsor one county?

You / your business can sponsor as many counties as you wish. Once you have secured the county then no one else will be able to secure it for this current round

What is the timescale on handing out the grant?

Based on how your investment is broken down, 50% of your investment will go towards a £1000-£3000 county grant.

The 401 Foundation will use its 9 different fundraising tools to ensure your county pot reaches these amounts, at which point the grants will be ready to hand out. The timescale on this is variable as it is dependent on how quickly we can get the pots to the financial level required in order for you to hand out your grant.