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We are aware that businesses are looking to make real positive, measurable and ethical impact in their local communities


'Sponsor a Project' Initiative

The 401 Foundation provides grants to small grass root community projects and individuals that build confidence, self esteem, tackle mental health and self development issues in their local communities

Our 'Sponsor a Project' Initiative gives your business the chance to invest in causes that mean the most to your local community whilst also helping The 401 Foundation.

What is the 'Sponsor a Project' Initiative?

A chance for your business to make a real impact in your local area. Imagine the chance to be able to hand over a cheque to a small local project that really needs your help. Imagine the chance to capitalise on the positive press this would bring both now and in the future. Imagine the feeling your staff would have, knowing they work for a business that puts local community projects first. Imagine the chance to work closely with that project to make a real tangible difference.

The 'Sponsor a Project' Initiative offered by The 401 Foundation does all this and much more for you and your business. 

how does it work?

The 401 Foundation has divided the UK (inc Northern Ireland) into 96 counties which you can see below. Each county has its own grant pot and once each county pot reaches the minimum level of £1000 then grants are ready to be handed out.

  1. Pick which county you would like to sponsor.
  2. Pay £1000 to exclusively secure your county project through our online payment system.
  3. The 401 Foundation will takes 50% of your investment and put it straight into the county grant pot. The remaining 50% goes directly to The 401 Foundation to support the development of our internal tools we need to ensure The 401 Foundation can support projects for many years to come.
  4. The 401 Foundation will then use our 8 different fundraising tools to fund and top up each grant pot. Once your chosen pot has reached the necessary level, you will be given a choice of three projects in your area to decide from.
  5. You will hand out the first grant cheque worth between £1000 or £3000

Pick a County

What are the benefits for YOUR business?

  1. Your business will have exclusive rights and get to hand out the first grant cheque to a project in your chosen county.
  2. The grant will be named after your business.
  3. Your business logo, writeup on your business and online links will be added to our website.
  4. Your business will benefit from all the positive community press both now and in the future.
  5. The 401 Foundation will complete a case study on the project showing how the funds were used and the effect the money had, this can be used by your business to show internally, the real effects of the money your business has donated.
  6. It creates a great feeling for your staff.
  7. You control how engaged you want to be.

Got a question or can you make a suggestion on how to make this inititiave better?

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Who's already onboard

County Project Sponsors


Surrey County Sponsor - Asahi UK Ltd

Asahi UK Ltd is the UK and Ireland subsidiary of Asahi Europe Ltd. Asahi UK has responsibility for the development of Asahi Europe’s Super Premium Beer brands across the UK and Ireland. Our brands include Peroni Nastro Azzurro, our Belgian abbey beer St Stefanus, Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, as well as Polish brands Lech and Tyskie.

Since 2005 in the UK, and 2008 in Ireland, Asahi UK has been changing the way people think about beer with its unique Super Premium Beer portfolio. Through its distribution discipline, supplemented by engaging and innovative marketing activities, Asahi UK is bringing value back into the beer category. We are a values-led organisation with a strong belief in teamwork, empowerment and the development of our people.

We are delighted to support the 401 Foundation and sponsor a project in our local area. We value our place in the community and take pride in participating in welfare initiatives that support it, so this was a great opportunity for us.
— Tom Harding - Corporate Affairs Manager at Asahi UK Ltd



We are a specialist race management company, organising more than 140 races across the UK each year. We offer everything from small community events to larger races organised on behalf of running clubs, charities, local authorities and private companies.

“Nice Work are delighted to support Ben and The 401 Foundation and we look forward to seeing first hand the positive effects the Foundation is having on communities in East Sussex.”
— Martin and Cathy Burke, Nicework