HOW many grant pots are there?

We have 15 different grant pots covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as you can see from our map below

401 Foundation Regional Grant Map WEB.png

How are these grant pots funded?

These grant pots are currently funded through our 8 ways to fundraise and donate to The 401 Foundation which can be found HERE

50% of all money that has been donated or fundraised through these 8 different areas since 1st April 2018 goes to support our 15 different grant pots.

We are able to track where this money comes from and allocate it to a specific region based on postcode. Where we can't, 50% of the money is allocated to a 'Discretionary Fund' which can be used to top up regional pots.

The remaining 50% is used to support The 401 Foundation operationally. This covers elements such as platform fees, administration, system development etc.

You can download a full UK Postcode List below to see how we break down our figures. If you think we have your postcode in the wrong county/region please let us know by filling in the form

What types of projects do we support

The 401 Foundation supports local community projects and individuals that build confidence and self esteem, whilst also tackling the important issues around mental health and self development within their local communities

We are currently developing our Grant Application Tool and the criteria around our applications, we plan to be grant ready for April 2019 if not sooner

To register your interest in one of our grants or receive updates about our Grants process please fill in the form below

current funding statistics

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 14.49.52.png

The figures above are accurate as of

Saturday 28th July 2018

We have 2 regions that are eligible for a grant already along with enough funding in the discretionary budget to offer grants in other regions if needed

Please note that all grant applications will open in April 2019