local accommodation options

Local Accommodation Options

We have put together some local information regarding different types of accommodation that Portishead offers. Portishead is a mid size town so you may need to source accommodation outside of the town and travel in for the event. Please ensure you leave plenty of time to get to the event


If you are staying in either the Travelodge or Premier Inn in Portishead, you will be given a welcome pack with walking instructions to and from the events village (10-15 minutes away max). We will also provide a list of extremely lovely food places to eat at during your stay.

There are more sites including the ones below that could give you additional options including:

Camping Options

Please note there is NO camping or overnight parking available at the Events Village. You may however find the list below useful

If you find you cannot get accommodation or camping options in the Portishead area, the nearest towns to Portishead are Clevedon (6 miles), Nailsea (7 miles) and Bristol (9 miles). We would recommend you use one of the online comparison booking sites as these will detail all the choices available for you.

any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch