distances and course maps

races avialable

Here is a breakdown of the races available over the 2 day weekend:

Adults races include:

  • 5km race
  • 6.1km race - ONLY available to Festival Challenge ticket holders
  • 10km race
  • Half Marathon race

For Children we offer four races over the two days:

  • Two 500m Dash races
  • Two 1 Mile Dash races

Please see our 'Additional Race and Runners Information' page, specifically the Age Restrictions section for details on entry age criteria

course maps

saturday 25th routes


1 Mile Dash

401 FestOfRun_Maps_1mile_v1.png

500m Dash

401 FestOfRun_Maps_500m_v1.png

Half Marathon

401 FestOfRun_Maps_1:2Mar_v1.png

sunday 26th routes


500m Dash

401 FestOfRun_Maps_10k_v1.png

1 Mile Dash

401 FestOfRun_Maps_1mile_v1.png
401 FestOfRun_Maps_500m_v1.png


Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 21.18.28.png

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